165 - Vintage Cornholio


By sunrise the awesome specter of Columbus rose up from the frigid fucking snows. Dean pulled his shirt up over his head. He did a pretty hilarious vintage Cornholio impression. We busted through downtown and cut over to campus.

166 - Had to get some Pushups in


We went to my apartment near campus and rocked some nap bombs. I woke up early, ‘cause I had to get some push-ups in. Dean and Marylou had boned in Derek’s bed, and Ed crashed on my couch. Dean’s jacked up duffel was in the corner with Clif bars hanging out. My iPhone lit up. I looked at the caller ID; it was Old Bull Lee who was all up in New Orleans now

[#SOPA] would put Twitter in a similar position to that of its Chinese cousin, Weibo, which reportedly employs around 1,000 people to monitor and censor user content and keep the company in good standing with authorities.

Golden State powdered skim milk for ice cream makers, [192?][Click image to see entire item in PDF format] 


Golden State powdered skim milk for ice cream makers, [192?]
[Click image to see entire item in PDF format] 


We’re smack dab in the middle of a holiday giveaway extravaganza, and we know that our bundle of giveaways just wouldn’t be complete without a few new themes, so we’re giving you three. Without further adieu, let us introduce to you the three new themes joining the Virb storehouse.



In honor of Parks and Recreation making its return tonight, here’s Parks director Ron Swanson giving his thoughts on how to innovate and improve local government. We can’t say we support his ideas, but we admire his forward thinking. Parks comes back after a long hiatus, during which it was pushed aside for OutsourcedOutsourced!—and moved to a new time slot following The Office. Hopefully it can improve on the 4.5 million viewers it was averaging last season and avoid another extended hiatus—we imagine having Dunder-Mufflin as a lead-in will be a big help.

Bonus clip: Tom Haverford (played by Aziz Ansari) turning his swag on.

Liveblog from CES: LG Press Conference


Join Mashable editors live from CES as we blog the LG press conference. Expect to see details about the LG Smart TV with Google TV and a new 4G LTE smartphone. We’ll be live at 11:00 A.M. EST today. See you there!

In the meantime, check out our hub of CES 2012 coverage right here.


Building on an earlier post, here are some more reflections on this often overlooked building typology which represents one of Cairo’s modern vernaculars (late 19th-20th centuries).

The brick buildings pictured above are not located in an “informal” area or on the outskirts of the city or…

Stacky 5 issue


If you have been encountering an issue with Stacky 5 not loading correctly, simply re-install it.